Rendering different sizes, navigation control - SOLVED

Is there way to render out a patch with a wide aspect ratio and without the camera or lights wireframe visible? I have been capturing with quicktime for the most part but sometimes cant for that reason.

Also would be very cool to have navigation controls for the nodes window similarly to c4d because I often have no mouse. Both of these things probably exist already.
Thank you!

Hi Hydroid,
To render at the size you want just click in the canvas/renderer on the resolution setting and type in what you want.
The wireframe is only visible if you’ve clicked and selected an op. Clicking in an empty spot in the patch should make the wireframe helper disappear.
Otherwise you can go to preferences and disable the helper views there.
To use a touchpad enable the mode in preferences.
Though we do strongly recommend using a mouse :wink:

An example would be here.

I’m working in 5.333 ratio so I need to qt moviecapture. Is there way to get rid of the wireframes? Or publish with a custom aspect?

Hi Hydroid,

So i tested your patch.
I click the cluster op, helper appears. I click twice in the patch, helper is gone.

If you type in Aspect ration when creating a new op the Aspect ratio op appears.
Check this example file

So strange. In chrome and firefox on a mac I cannot make the Helper disappear unless i disable the op.
Anyone else having any luck with that?

try to click this icon below the renderer: to togglehelper meshes. does it help ?

That’s it!!!
Right under my nose.