RenderAnim op seems to be outputting webM at the wrong frame rate - KIND OF SOLVED :)

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I know this is an experimental op so I understand you may not be able to help but if there is anything I can do to solve it would be really helpful as I’m working on a video using parts rendered out with this op currently.

I have my mainloop at 25fps and the render op at 25 fps (they are being added to another animation so makes it easier)

the outputted webm files used to be exactly as they appeared in the preview/live view but this week fro some reason they are showing as sped up, maybe by around x3

currently there is a bug when using timer op.
if you are using the timer op, please try to replace timer op timelinetime
(open views->timeline to show timeline and controls (to start playing etc))

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aha! thanks, I was guessing it would be connected to the framerate. Hopefully this will be easy to sort.