RenderAnim Op not animating everything in the patch

Hey, I have a patch that uses the RandomAnim into RouteTrigger to switch between objects, its also using a timer to rotate this ‘thing’ so you get to see it change from different sides…

When I use RenderAnim to create a bunch of jpgs, the rotation still occurs but the RandomAnim into RouteTrigger doesn’t continue to make the ‘thing’ switch between its different objects.

I’d love an answer for this because on my kit using OBS to record is just not quite managing to get anything that isn’t really choppy and horrible. The output I have from cables alone looks great though so If I can get it into an image sequence I can edit in after effects no bother.

Any help much appreciated!

please make an example patch its hard to understand what you are doing

Sorry was busy over the weekend, here is a simple version of the patch I’m working on, the issue still occurs here, when rendering to image sequence the RandomAnim/RouteTrigger don’t function as I would expect. If this is something I’m doing wrong sorry for complaining, happy to learn, I’d just like to capture what I’m seeing in the preview window really.

we worked around this by using a Timer, RandomNumbers and some Modulo operator, the problem itself persists, we filed a bug in our issue tracker. thanks for reporting!