Reduce FPS by clicking fullscreen button

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I like the Idea of reducing the FPS when cables is not active. But when you click the fullscreen button on the website your patch is not focused anymore and that reduces the FPS to 30. Is there an option that the FPS is not reduced whenever the cables patch is in fullscreen?


Hi Dino,
Do you mean this happens when your using an exported cables patch on a web page?

hey dino,

there is an option in mainloop that disables this behaviour “Reduce FPS Not Focussed”. you could somehow map this to the screensize or whatever you want.


@andro I’m not using an exported patch.
@stephan I know that I can build workarounds.

My concern was that: With the reduce FPS option as default option and people not realising that when they share a patch with a client or college via private link the person clicking the full screen button on the patch page is signalling the patch that it’s not active anymore.
My question was: Why should a full screen patch be inactive at any point? Can that exception be implemented into the main loop as default. Without having to build a boolean query yourself?


fps are no longer reduced in fullscreen view now

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