Recommendations on Switching Between Multiple Patches for Live Performace

Enjoying Cables so much I want to perform with it. I have a series of patches and was wondering the best recommendations on a multi-patch scenario.

Option 1: Combine Multiple Patches and Switch Between Rendered Textures
Using Render2Textures + TextureSwitcher and trigger texture switching with keypress.
Although this seems like the simplest solution, it does seem to be the most costly in terms of FPS.

Option 2: Embedded / Electron Patch Switching
Using something like daplaya would it be possible to load in patches in realtime, ideally with a transition or ‘instantly’?

Hi Andrej,
There’s a few options to achieve this bit I’d advise getting to grips with the preset op for handling lots of different potential states.
I’d use one render2texture and then a switch trigger op below it for 3D stuff.