Random Textures on Pointcloud


first of I´m a total noob using cables.

Coming from vvvv, where it´s very easy to rndomly texturize a cloud of quads with a bunch of different textures, I´m having a hard time achieving this in cables.
Every example about pointcloud or about the mesh instancer as an alternative just seem to be dealing with random colors, not random textures.
Can anyone give me a hint on how to achieve this?
I´ll have to deal with around 10k points/quads texturized randomly with around 10 textures.
TextureArray is obvious, but how to read out more than one texture and map it onto the instances isn´t quite clear for me.

Best, C

Anyone here?

Using Array-Iteration I do get it up and running now, but I run into performance-issues at around 2000 objects. Pointcloud and mesh-instancing are way more capable as it seems, but whatever I try to do, there seems to be no way to get the instances textured randomly from a texture array.

Any help would really be appreciated.

Best, Chris

No offense and sorry for asking, but is this forum active at all?
Or is it just the holidays?

Is there any other way to get help?
I just see some views on any of the last posts (not just mine) but no reaction at all.
And I´m quite stuck with some other stuff but not sure if asking in here is a thing or discord would be the way to go instead?

Best, C