Question about export size and DSGVO


I’m currently working on my website and want to embed one of the Cables patches I created.
When I exported it almost a year ago the first time, the filesize was 416kb. When I now exported it again its over two MB, the most of it being the file ammo.js.
Could you give some insight into why the size canged so much?
It looks a bit as if before you only exported what’s actually used and now you export the whole library no matter what?

Doesn’t kill me, but curious… :slight_smile:

Another question regarding the DSGVO/GDPR: Does Cables “call home” or set any cookies?
Or in other words: Do I need to put anything into my privacy policy file when embedding a cables patch on my site?




about the DSGVO/GDPR thing: cables-patches DO NOT “phone home” and DO NOT
set any cookies or send data to servers or load from there (unless you implement that
in the patch itself). a plain cables-patch has no external dependencies and does not talk
to anything else but the webserver it has been exported to.

if you set cookies outside the patch, or inside the patch, or make requests (AjaxRequests)
to other servers that is a completely different matter though…but i guess/hope that goes
without saying.


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Awesome, thanks Stephan!
And yes, it goes without saying that what I do inside a patch myself is my own responsibility :slight_smile:



for the export size: can you provide a url to an example patch so i can test this?

This is a simpler example but also seems to include the large library ammo.js on export:

Cheers and thanks,


the ammo.js file should be gone if you export the patch again now!

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Okay, great!
Could you give a bit of background what this was about?
Was it a kind of “bug” or semi intentional?
I know close to nothing about how the export works and what it does, so would be curious about some more information - this would also help with future feedback…

Thank you!

P.S. works great and is even smaller than before - 317kb - THANKS!!! :slight_smile:


Okay, the piece is online now:

Thanks for the help!!! :slight_smile:



P.S. Just haven’t found out a way to make it show up on mobile devices…

just to keep everyone on board, lessons learned in private-message (due to private patch):

  • try to keep your “amount of objects” small(er) on mobile
  • try not to rely too much on webgl2 unless you know your target audience
  • maybe think of a fallback-patch/page/video for “older” phones
  • use your browser to remote-debug stuff to see what the console says

Yeah, lots to learn there for me - never did anything with mobile so far.
Is there any way to see if something is webgl1 or 2 inside of cables directly?
If not, it would probably be a great addition to the docs.

Thanks for the great support,


yeah, “would be”, there is just no easy way to figure this out since even webgl1 and webgl2 are not “the same” on any target device. but yeah, we had this idea before…

Hahaha - tell me about it.
I finally made my website responsive over the last couple of weeks and it seems that not a single thing on the whole wide web can be agreed upon as “standard”. I do web stuff for ages but this seems to be a constant, even if the final death of IE should at least help a tiny bit to weed out the really disgusting stuff.
So yeah, I can see the problem indeed.

I’ll learn remote debugging next then :wink: