Pushing Audio Analyzer

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Got really inspired by the recent Demo twitch stream so thanks for the increase in content you’re putting out. It’s all been super interesting so far.

I wanted to try and create something using a track that I purchased (Lemon Fanta by Pepe -https://lobstertheremin.com/album/lemon-fanta) with the help of the twitch stream and the youtube audio analyzer op videos. My music theory is limited but it sounded like this would be a good starter track to try and pick out the individual bits

However I’m struggling getting the separate parts of the track. Is this something that is possible just with BiQuad filters and a lot of time and tweaking or do I really need a Midi track to do this successfully?



Hi David,
Midi or audio have benefits and disadvantages.
Audio is good for things like following absolute levels of the whole track or a band of frequencies using the Biquad filters.
Midi is great for super tight timing info but has not levels to speak of.
This track wouldn’t be at all hard to get usable data from, something with a wall of guitars would be almost impossible.
I’d say follow the tutorials, keep it simple and you’ll get there.
One last tip, with kick drums, if there’s a click (high ticked sound) use that for triggers as its way easier to extract than sub bass :wink:

Thanks for the advice!

I’ll forge on!