Possible to make a loop in a scroll z-axis with camera? - SOLVED

Hey hey,

I’m working on z-axis scrolling elements, using camera and an “ApproachInterpolation” + “MouseWheel” on dolly.
But my question now is, is that possible, on time I’ve scrolled until “Frustum Far”, to have a scroll to go back to the beginning as an infini loop ?

Thanks a lot for your answer :slight_smile:

Hi there,
please post a public patch with what you’ve done so far and we’ll see how we can help you.

Ok done

Can you post the link here :wink:

Maybe not what you want but how about rotating your camera around a tube object?

:confused: oops I thought you meant y-scrolling :blush: haha

Just fixed it for you so make sure to reload and not save first
The answer is really simple
Just use a modulo. I added this to your patch and added comments.

Perfect, thanks a looooot :slight_smile:

Your welcome

Btw is there a reason why when I export as html, the mouse wheel is faster than on cables ?

Please make a new issue for this.