Polyphonic Midi Notes?

Hi there,
I currently try to get polyphonic midi notes into cables and modify an array of values with them.
After a lot of trying I realised that the MidiNote op is “mono” only …
Then I tried to use the MidiKeyPressed op, but connecting it to the Midi Input instantly crashes it as soon as any Midi comes in.
Now I’m a bit lost. All the examples I’ve found seem to only deal with single notes that trigger specific events, but I want to visualise a full midi keyboard and multiple notes played at once, hopefully without instancing 127 MidiNote ops?

I even wonder if it wouldn’t be nice to have this as a specific op that outputs an array with all 127 notes and their current values…?

Any pointers are welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks you,


Okay, wrote my own op that creates those arrays I wanted… :slight_smile:

But wondering: The “standard” is, that NoteOff creates a velocity of 0, in cables this seems to be 1 instead. Is that intentional?
But there also is dedicated NoteOff Velocity that measures how fast you let go of a key, although not many DAWs/keyboards support that.
The new MPE standard explicitly uses NoteOff velocity, as can be seen for instance in the Roli Seaboard Block.


Good stuff :slight_smile:



Hi Thomas,
Thanks for the feedback. We’re currently hard at work with adding some new features to the existing midi ops and finalizing the Midi out ops (Should be finished within a week or two)
It would be invaluable to us if you can supply a simplified patch showing what your’re trying to achieve.

Hey Andro, thanks for your reply.
Here I made an example for you:

I wasn’t able to get polyphonic Midi to work with the factory ops, so I wrote a simple op “Polyphonic Midi” which saves all incoming note states to an array (and another one for velocity) for easy visualisation. Select an existing Midi Port and feed some polyphonic Midi to it…
The node isn’t made for general consumption but specific for my needs, but something similar would be nice to have in the factory library IMHO.

Regarding NoteOff: In all other software I know, NoteOff velocity by default has a value of 0. In Cables it is 1.
I wondered why that is.

The only case when this is different (To my knowledge again) is with the rare keyboards that actually do support NoteOff velocity, so the speed with which you release a key is taken into account. Mostly that is with MPE capable controllers like the Roli Seaboard Rise or the LinnStrument etc…

As for the crash: MidiKeyPressed crashes for me as soon as I connect it to any Midi source and Midi comes in.
If you need an example for that, I can create one, but it’s 100% reproducible for me in any patch I create. (Windows 8.1 x64, Vivaldi latest version)

Can’t wait for Midi Out :slight_smile:

Cheers and thanks,