PointMaterial | Vertex Color not working

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Hi cables people

I do have some issues with the vertex colors at the PointMaterial shader.

Apparently, the model immediately turns white and any color effect applied to the scene gets overexposed and oversaturated.

After setting a really low base color value (~0.00004), I get to see the vertex colors. But the effcets are still oversaturated.
Even with a really low value, the colors of the dots don’t seem to correspond with the UV of the model.

This is the model on Blender (using vertex colors)

And looks like the gltf file on cables has the vertex color attribute

That’s how the same file looks like when using a Texture Colorize at the PointMaterial instead of using the vertex colors. (So it looks like the UV of the file is fine)

On the PointMaterial fragment shader, the current color is being multiplied by the vertex color. At the same time, other colors are also multiplied, like textures, and it seems working fine.
So it looks like the color space is not broken at this point. I think the vertex color may be wrong loaded or have an unexpected value from the file or the gltf loader.

Im using Chromium v 89.0.4389.114 at Manjaro Linux (64-bit)

looks really cool!

can you send me the glb with the vertex colors ? then i’ll have a look