PointField Custom Shader

Hi There,
New to using shaders and am having a hard time figuring out how to make this in Cables.
I’ve tried using PointPlane, MeshInstancer, and PointCloudFromArray with the CustomShader op. In the frag shader, i’m using vPosition from the vert shader to get the Y position of a point/mesh and color it based on that value to no avail.

Would love any advice to get this working.

Hi Andrej,

Please post a patch with what you have so far and make sure that it’s set to public.

Figured out an approach using PointMaterial, VertexDisplacementMap along with multiple ColorArea set to Axis Z and a very small size. Trying out variations in size, falloff, and z-placement.

This seems to work pretty well but wondering if there is another way to approach this?