Picking Text Mesh

Hey there :wave:

I’ve been experimenting with picking and textmesh. Trying to combine the two together but it seems that picking is only triggered in the dead center of the text mesh. I tried to boil down my problem in a single patch:

Can someone provide me with guidance in how I could make the whole text trigger the picker?

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

This might not be the best way to do it with textmesh.
I’d recommend taking a look at interactive rectangle and the div element


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ahhh got it! Didn’t know about the interactive triangle. Looks perfect thanks for your help!

So I tried with the interactive rectangle works almost perfectly. But the edge case seems to be when elements overlap.

Again I tried to make a Patch to show what I’m talking about.


  • Using orbit controls

How to reproduce:

  1. Open the patch
  2. hover over the text

What is observed:
Depending on how the camera is positionned it is not possible to interact w/ the desired element

This makes sense, if there are two interactive elements and one is covering the other then you can only click on the front most one.
Logically how would you know which one to pick if the two overlap?
The interactive element is actually a 2d element placed over a 3d element (look at the red borders, they’re not 3d)
Try this patch still not perfect but i think it’ll help you a lot more.