Picker stopped working on mobile?

Hey guys, It appears the picker has stopped working on mobile. (im on an iphone 7+)

I had something in a similar project which was working before but doesn’t seem to be anymore.
I also got a few instancing errors when i opened up that project, touchscreen and pinch.

Could this be something on your end?

could it be to do with the pickers coordinates shifting with high res display turned on like last time?

i dont get any instance errors.

you are right, it was the last change we did. so i put in a check for mobile devices, this should now work in both cases

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thanks for the quick fix, incidentally I’ve added a pinch into the patch and I’m now getting an instancing error on mobile. Are you not getting this?

no its fine for me

This must be a safari thing on my apple mobile, I don’t seem to get the error with chrome.