Performance/Usability of published patches on mobile devices

Two questions:
i noticed that patches published within the cables website run slower than without the HTML layout stuff. Especially on mobile devices. Is there a reason for this ? Example:


  1. When published within the HTML layout, the touch interaction doesn’t really work on mobile. Most appearent when using the orbit cam op. Would it be possible to open patch previews on mobile with a different HTML layout or better even without ?
    Just like spline does it. Their touch/mouse interaction works accross all devices/platforms.


made a test and it looks like the performance drop happens when the canvas lost focus. can i force the focus ? mmmhh…


MainLoop has an option “Reduce FPS not focussed” that should cover that.


i was messing with that option already, no luck. seems not to have any impact. and when exporting and self hosting the cables patch, the performance is also different (better) to the cables hosted stuff.

need to demo this with a video i guess.