Performance OP Error - SOLVED

After todays maintenance / update, the performance op crashes my patch:

Cannot read property 'profileShaderCompiles' of undefined
TypeError: Cannot read property 'profileShaderCompiles' of undefined
at updateText (
at Port.exe.onTriggered (
at Port.CABLES.Port._onTriggered (
at Port.CABLES.Port.trigger (
at Ops.Gl.MainLoop.render [as onAnimFrame] (
at Patch.CABLES.Patch.renderFrame (
at Patch.CABLES.Patch.exec (

Deleting the op fixes the patch. But once added back, it crashes again.


Hi Artur,
Thanks for the report.
We’re looking into it right now.

thanks for posting this!

it’s fixed again, just some little update aftermath…

Ah great! Just confirmed, it works for me now. Thanks for the fast fix :slight_smile: cheers