Payment/fee/license of using in personal projects

Hi Cables,

FIrst of all, really love Cables, enjoy it a lot. And I do think this is the way to go in the future for people like me who likes to do creative coding in Visual and Audio.

I’ve probably asked this question before, but I would like to be clear with you again here.

If I am using as my creative tool in a live performance for visual/audio effects (that might sell tickets), or later on for my personal projects which might be commercial usage, do I need to pay any extra fee for the license? ( What I heard from you before is no, there is no extra fee for this.)

Thanks for your answer in advance. Appreciate your work on

Look forward to the answer.


hey, you can use cables for free!

maybe there will be a pro version in the future, but what you patch in cables is just yours.
we always appreciate any “made with cables” kinda link etc.

PLEASE send us some photos or videos of your events!

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Thanks! I will send you videos once we have it.
Appreciate all your fascinating works!