Patch files not showing on file browser - SOLVED

Hi there,

The issue I am having is that the uploaded files disappear from the file viewer after a certain amount of opening the patch to edit it. Everything is rendering fine though and I can still find the textures on the respective nodes. I’ve come across this in multiple occasions. This is a nuance mostly because I want to resize the textures and I cannot find them on the viewer to do that.

Example here:

many thanks!

Hi there,
I’ve had your patch open for 5 minutes, played around with and had no texture problems.
I was running on chrome, windows 10.
Can you tell us what browser and OS you are using?

Hey there, thanks so much for looking at this.
It does work fine now indeed. I think I could have been stressing my gpu with other stuff initially.
I am using windows 10 and chrome for the most part.

The assets never disappeared from the patch though, they just sometimes didn’t show on the files menu, hence I couldn’t use the downsize option. This works fine now as well though!