OPS name change repo

I’m busy going through the tutorials to learn the logic behind cables, but here and there some of the ops names changed or do not exists anymore. Is there a repository of sorts that I can look at to see what their new names are?

Hi and welcome!
Easiest way to find changes is looking here: https://cables.gl/changelog
I’m not sure if you still find the OP by searching inside of cables but get the new named OP displayed.

Cheers, dino

hi @dino

Thank you for the link. I was looking for something like this. You changed continuousNumberArray to Array.Array_v2.
Now I can play along.
Just a comment: I come from a multi-media and scenario based elearning development in music background. Cables blew my mind when I saw it in action the first time. I hope that I will understand its logic in time and use it well.

I think I found the ops, but the whole division thing does not work as in the tut. The ops also have a default value entry point, so I’m getting confused,

Worked out the logic of the division.

Hi HarryX,

Dino gave the best advice there to find an op that has a different name.
It’s also a good idea to check the pinned comments on our youtube videos and with the more advanced ones to start at the first video.