Ops menu blurred

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When i open Ops menu, all the text is blurred there:

I have 100% zoom (neither zoomed in nor zoomed out), i don’t have any retina screens, just plain standard FullHD 1920x1080. No any additional video drivers insalled, Windows 10 as OS. Only in Chrome, Firefox renders everything ok.

Is just for me?

Ok, after a while I got back here and did some research and discovered that apparently this is some Chromium bug which is reproduced on Windows. It also has a stackoverflow question here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49349337/chrome-text-blur-with-overflow-yscroll-and-fixed-height (and it still haven’t fixed yet).

But i also discovered a weird way to fix it: menu parent container:

<div class="opseach">

  • should have odd pixels width. Now it’s 1024px (even), and if you set it to 1023px, blur has gone.

I am not sure it should be fixed this way, but may be you’ll find this information useful :slight_smile: