Ops.Devices.Mobile.Pinch unexpected behaviour on mobile :)

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Hi beautiful people!
I’m having my head banging on the wall trying to figure out why the Pinch op works fine on desktop touchpad and gesture is working as expected (pinch in = zooms out, pinch out = zooms in) but on Android and iPhone the gesture is inverted… the opposite as you normally would do on a picture to say.

I have connected the op as following, to the Initial radius input of OrbitControls op:

I tried to Multiply -1 to invert output number but it stops working on mobiles.

What I am missing? Any help highly appreciated!

P.s. the Pinch op you see is just a clone used to tweak the scale output code result in negative, but I now reverted to the original values, it works fine on desktop indeed.



Up? :frowning:

Here’s the public link to patch, forgot to add, sorry!