Op naming: TypeError: gui.patch.setCurrentOpTitle

I assume you all know about this already, but I didn’t really see any topics raised on the forums about it, so here goes, I guess:
For a while, the ability to rename op titles has been bused pretty much across the board, raising a TypeError: gui.patch.setCurrentOpTitle is not a function. Ex:

On the one hand, it does force one to use the op’s actual description box, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is somewhat annoying to deal with, even if it is a lower-priority issue. Not sure exactly how to help with this past raising the issue if it’s not already known, but I assume it’s an issue being internally looked at.

thanks for reporting it we werent aware.

workaround: you can also click on the title in the parameter panel:

internally we dont use this feature anymore, patch gets harder to read. so the comment box way seems to work much better