Object-Oriented process in Cables.gl - SOLVED

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Hi Sir,

Questions about the Object-Oriented programming process in Cables.gl, is it possible to make it work within the visual coding part, or it has to go through the actual closing process.

Here is what I am trying to do.

I would like to make a cluster of Birds (by 2 cubes as their wings) randomly populated in the environment. The ideal result is to make them flapping with different angles, moving (at least at the same direction) diversely with different speeds, and somehow move back to the beginning spot when they are out of the boundary…sort of things like these. Basically, a simple swarm behavior logic.

This is what I have done so far:

Hope this is clear to you, and I am not expecting you to fix this patch for me. But I would like to have your guidance on which or what to look for (or an example) for this kind of Object-oriented problem as a solution.

Thank you very much for your time and answer in advance.

Have a good one.


Hi there,
This tutorial video covers a lot of the points with a cloud of particles.
Here’s a patch demonstrating it in action.

Is it possible to attach different hyperlinks to each of the points from a database?


if you are not too concerend about things overlapping id go for positioning an interactive rectangle over the birds and then handling the click on them:

Hi Andro,

Thanks for your reply, I got it work. (I delete the problem I posted which I eventually make it work).
Here is my updated patch

Once again, thanks for your help.