No ShaderToy shader texture input?

Is there any way to pass a texture to the ShaderToy shader. Is there something I have to “un-comment” in the source code to get a texture source to pass into a ShaderToy Shader? I get how people would want to use other artist scene in their sketches and many shadertoy artist are fine with it for the more simple scenes but I am more interested in the components and effect shadertoy offers to build your own original scene with.

Just to clarify further…

This is what I consider to be a shadertoy “effect”
Shadertoy effects are meant to be applied to image video or any texture input. they are not scenes of themselves but rather effects that can often be layered.

while this is what most consider a shadertoy “scene”
Using this is just using someones work.

Hi Jay,

There is no all in one solution for the shadertoy op. There are a huge amount of scenarios that are almost impossible to cover completely.
Converting shadertoy into custom shader ops in cables isn’t that hard.
We made a youtube tutorial that shows you how to create your own custom fragment shader.

Follow this and start with a very simple shadertoy example. Then work up to ones that use texture inputs and you’ll be up and going in no time.
If you get stuck just share your patch here and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.