NFT Web with

Its Posible? how can I improve the project? Im blender designer and know cables, but I want to know how can create nft web marketplace for the project., I think will be awsome if this work, more info just write

i have no idea about nfts

but people published nfts here for example:

just search for maybe contact those people

I’ll be digging into fxHash more soon, but I haven’t yet seen anything on there with complex interaction. Just 3D orbit controls. Can anyone confirm compatibility between fxHash and Cables touchscreen interaction, etc. patches work on with a little fiddling in the exported HTML, as described in their docs hicetnunc/templates/html-template at main · hicetnunc2000/hicetnunc · GitHub

In early testing, HeN does not seem to be compatible Cables is forcing canvas aspect ratio. I just get a black screen unless I remove the Ops.Gl.ForceCanvasSize from the Cables patch and re-export. Sometimes I would have to open inspect mode in the browser to initiate any visuals in the embedded Cables on the HeN pre-mint preview page (like fxHash sandbox).

As node-based programmer who has mostly avoided web for a long time, It would be great to have some more guidance on setting vars from outside such that we can use the unique hash provided by platforms like HeN, fxHash, etc.

Is it possible to directly override the Cables-native UUID with external data? Can we define all the vars, UUID, etc in the index.html? If not possible currently, that’s an RFE.

I have just started learning, with intention to make a variety of interactive/generative NFTs, and feeling very optimistic. This is such a cool and accessible programming platform! Thank you!

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Hi bro, Im trying to upload to hicetnunk, and in the part of preview is all black. But i can minted

im very happy all works :slight_smile: