New Pointlight Object position Output

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I figured that the new Pointlight OP is missing the second render output for the object on the same position as the light. I liked that feature and find it pretty handy. I hope it can be reintegrated to the new version of the Pointlight.

Thanks in advance

Cheers, dino

Just added the missing Code from the old PointLight to the new.

const attachment=op.outTrigger("Attachment");



It seems to work.
Made a quick test patch:

Cheers, dino

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Is there any chance that the attachment port is getting added back again in the near future?
Found out again that it is quite handy and sharing patches with custom OPs still breaks them.

Would still like to see this!
Especially with the new light.

Oh gee,

this has been something we have overlooked completely in the last weeks, sorry about that. We will add it with the next update Iā€™m sure :).