New here and want to contribute to code base

Realy nice to see that a vivid community evolved around !!! And congrats to the super sleak looking tool, realy exciting :

I was primarily involved in vvvv.js in the past and implemented PBR rendering engines, GLTF loading, some game engine mechanics and HTML/CSS node based coding concepts. The work on this was synergetic with my job and thesis at that time. When I shifted to not-so-web-based projects two years ago, vvvv.js world seemed to not be picked up by any other person, so now its pretty abandoned.

( but stuff still working: )

I would love to bring my expereience and existing code / node-based concepts into this projects. Especially that I am picking up a new job right now that would allow my to go realy deep into it again.

Could someone imagine giving me a quick crash course or guide me to existing tutorials about how to set up a development environment to write nodes?

Sorry for this naiv approach, I am also doing slwoly the research by my self, of course.

Thank you,
Luna (pronouns she/her)

Welcome, vvvv.js was very nice and cables is amazing, now i can do stuff i dreamed to make in vvvv.js, about ops you can click the ā€œeā€ key over a patch to check the source code in java script. Tomorrow is the discord meeting, there you can chat directly with the developers, at 18:30 Germany time.

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