Navigation Issues: Double Click on background, Trackpad & Mouse Wheel

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I have tested using OSx / chrome and windows 10 / Chrome with different mouse/trackpad solutions, magic mouse, older mac mouse with nub, laptop trackpad, and standard pc wheel mouse:

expected behavior - mouse wheel rotate downward, or trackpad two-finger pinch gesture should zoom out gracefully.

current behavior - any amount of mouse wheel or trackpad zoom causes extreme dramatic zooming instantly, often within a split second the patch is zoomed out to a point it can not be seen.

I propose double-clicking on the background zooms the full patch to fit in view. Currently, it appears to occasionally do this, but once a patch has zoomed far out it fails.

also, in audulus, there is a secondary use for double tap, if double click/tap on a node/module, that becomes the focus and zooms it to center.

alternately or additionally, many 3d programs use ā€˜sā€™ or another hotkey to zoom to a selection.

I found one thing really cool in touch Designer by Derivative, they have a seamless zoom into subpatches, audulus also does something like this with a crossfade/blowup animation. It makes moving through complex patches very smooth and seamless.

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If you need an example of trackpad-aware handling of panning and pinch-zooming, you can check out a jsbin example here: