Multiple Visual elements and each one synchronizes to a specific channel of sound from Ableton


For a project I am working on at this moment, I would like to know if it is possible to have several audio channels in Ableton Live and can let each audio channel to trigger a designated group of visual elements. I am not familiar with the proper terminology, so I am not sure if I describe it clearly. It is like every audio channel triggers a visual layer when the audio is playing. When there are several audio channels playing at the same times, there will be more video elements active too. If it is possible, could you advise me how to do or share examples if there is any? :slightly_smiling_face:

Many thanks!


have you had a look at the youtube tutorials for cables and ableton?

maybe that answers your question.


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With WebAudio (the underlying technology for cables audio ops) it is only possible to get a stereo input from your computer.

I would recommend using MIDI in Ableton to trigger visuals in cables if all you want is triggering/starting/stopping clips.

So for every audio channel you have a “ghost” MIDI channel sending MIDI information to cables. Check the link stephan posted above for the tutorials on how to get started.


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Thanks for the tips. I didn’t know the right keywords but I will check these tutorials now!

Thanks for the details! I will try :slight_smile:

Hi Simod,

I have being trying to do some tests and have some progress after having your and Stephan’s advice. Now I am wondering if it is only possible to use MIDI to trigger clips or it is possible to do this with different audio tracks too? I want to include spoken words in this project. What I would like to reach is actually not only to trigger/start/stop the video, but also let the volume (for example) have influence on the visual effect.


As I mentioned before WebAudio only allows a 2 channel input.

My advice (if you have max4live and/or Ableton 10):

Put an “Envelope Follower” on your audio track.

Get “ControlChange8” from Monolake’s Max4Live devices.

Map the envelope follower on one of the knobs from ControlChange8, choose a CC parameter from the dropdown, send it out to Cables.

Grab the CC value with the “MidiCC” op.

You now have your “volume curve” as a CC parameter.

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