Multiple textures on cube


Is there a way to make multiple textures on a cube?
I didnt find any example but It shouldn’t be that hard I guess

can someone help?

thx, best, M.

Hi Ma To,

Could you show a reference image of what you mean ?


thanks for the quick response.

basically this, without the black edges.
at the end I want to have images instead of colors so I guess I have to use “texture” (in basic material) somehow


I’d propose you learn the basics of Blender 3d or some other 3d software to achieve this.
This would mean learning how to UV unwrap a cube and then apply textures to each face.
This model can then be imported into Cables and the texture can be applied.

This video will help you get started.

You could also create 6 rectangles, move them all with a transform op and apply a basic material to each one each with their own texture.

thanks for now…
I will try the second awnser.
For the end resolut I’m trying to find a solution like this, so I can have more images than 6 at the end

Hello Andro!
I have UV unwrapped my 3D Model and now I´m stuck to apply the texture i created and use the UV Map correctly. Is there a way to do this?

Thanks and all the best,

Hi Frerk,
Please post your patch and make sure it’s public