MQTT cloud ( does not work

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Hello!’s recommended MQTT platform,, has been upgraded →
The original still works with the MQTT nodes, however the MQTT nodes throw an error when the information needed for the upgraded are plugged into the node.

It would be great to be able to connect a designed website, with the new cloud shiftr! Please see

An easy way to reproduce the bug, is to replace “” in a copy of the MQTT example ( → Broker URL inlet), with “” (as would be required), then the patch crashes. It also does not save/reload.

Hopefully it will be possible to have working well with both (original), along with the newer, faster!


i tested this by cloning the example patch and then following this:

works fine for me, what am i not getting? any screenshots of the errors?

here is my patch:


Really glad you got it working! Still weird for me though.

Above is a gif of what happens on my end, looks like some weird behavior and it happens every time. You see me trying to change the Broker URL (by adding a ‘s’), then it appears as NaN. I try to change it back to, and it remains as NaN. If I save the patch, I’m not able to load it and receive this error upon editing:


But since you were able to get it working, what steps did you take for it to work? As mentioned, the above behavior happens consistently for me. Weird, but I’m glad that it’s ultimately possible.

hmm, i saw this as well, will put working on mqqt ops onto the backlog of cables. changing and saving every field one by one did the trick for me, eventually.

we just did a quick update with some fixes to the mqtt ops. try deleting your mqtt ops and get the new version that should work better.

Aye, it works great! Thanks.