Mouse wheel option/action for embed code - SOLVED

Hi all! I have a question regarding the iframe code. I am trying to embed my cables creation to a very simple website, using the sharing iframe code that cables provide.

Though, I have assigned my mouse wheel to zoom in my 3D creation when interacting with the embedded item, but simultaneously the wheel is scrolling the main website page (parent HTML body), thing that is not wanted.

I understand that there are some code modifications I can add to my embed code in order to disable page scrolling when mouse cursor is over the 3D creation. Do you have an idea how to incorporate this function to my embed code? I have zero experience with this.

Thank you very much


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Thank you very much! Sorry for the amateur question but how can I incorporate this script to my main code.
I just use < iframe style=“width:640px;height:480px;border:0px;” src=“”></iframe

into a very simple website

I found an exact example of what I am trying to accomplish!

Finally it was not that complicated! There is already a button included in the “Mousewheel Op” ’ named: “Prevent Scroll”. So i ticked and solved… haha
I keep loving the way you have built As an amateur user trying to navigate and experience it! so, thanks for that