Mouse op default X and Y values

I have a Mouse op set to track the position of the cursor. The values are then sent to ScreenPosTo3d and then to Transform op so the mouse cursor position affects the angle of the 3d object.

The mouse operator is set to Canvas area, so while the mouse is inside it it works pretty much fine, but when the cursor lefts it, the X and Y values in Mouse op are changed back to some “default” values. I don’t know where these values came from or how can I change them. Also it happens only with Smooth turned on.

Hi Romangee,
Thanks for pointing this out. This is indeed weird behavior when smooth is set.
This has been fixed and will be pushed through on the next update.
In the mean time you can just disable the smooth option and then use the Ops.Anim.Smooth op.
This will give you the behavior that you expect.