Mixamo Animations - SOLVED

Hi! Is it possible to use animations from Mixamo in cables yet? When importing e.g. the fbx from them, and using it in a json3Dscene2 op, while checking “create non mesh nodes”, the created notes are a bunch of translation/scale/quaternion channels from the mixamo animation. But it doesnt seem, that i can do anything with them. So, is there a workaround, am i missing sth, or is it a feature currently not implemented? If the later, are there plans to support animated meshes?

I did found in the example patches working mesh animations, but they rely on having the animation baked into a mesh sequence. Doing that for more complex meshes, would probably not be reliable / performant, i would guess (since the files would get quite big, right? Correct me if im wrong and this is a viable solution, i havent tried it yet actually, since my 3d skills are limited…)


PS: if anyone wants to fiddle with the files you get from mixamo, without the hassle of making an account and so on there: this is the file i tried to make work.

Hi Artur,

Have you tried activating the timeline to see that the animation is playing or not ?
We don’t have anything planned with supporting animations from Mixamo at this time.
With my latest tests with Collada files and baked animation I discovered that the files weren’t at all that large.
1 animation frame per 25 - 15 frames is normally enough. If that seems a bit off then 5-10 is fine as well.
Curious to hear if any of this will work for you.

any update on mixamo characters ?

Hi, @wirmachenbunt . Mixamo .dae files seem to work well on cables. I will share a patch with an example.

@felipelinsf This is great. I had a go at downloading a few .dae files from mixamo but am yet to get one working as well as yours. Was there anything you did to the model before importing to cables? anything else to note?

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oh, mega. looking good. i guess the next step is getting it to work with gltf to work.

@devs, i notice the patch files are empty in this project. i’ve seen this before in another shared project. the project with assets is working but there are no assets in the file menu. is this on purpose or a bug ?

sorry, this is a little bit more complicated than i remember. I updated the patch with a native mixamo model and add some comment, I think it only works with single mesh