Midi Out Operators

As we talked about at the user meeting, I’d like to request a “Midi Out” feature.

Could be a “reflection” of the Midi input system as in several ops for creating the different kinds of midi messages and a “collector” node to send them to a specific Midi output. But whatever works best in your architecture.
My main needs would be CCs, Notes and Sync.

My main usage would be generative music in my DAW that is triggered by events inside of cables.
Also, I’d like to control external devices eventually.

Recently I had a job request that cables would have been perfect for, but it depended on Midi Out capabilities… :slight_smile:

Cheers and thanks for a great evening!


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Hi Tom,

Thanks for the feature request. This is something we’re still planning on releasing as quickly as possible.

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Thanks Andro :slight_smile: