MeshInstancer OP Circle Spline broken- answered

Hi All,
It looks like the spline option doesn’t work when used with the MeshInstancer OP. I they’re very different OPs but it does work for Repeat2D OP.

Hi Andrej,
Please post a patch highlighting the problem.

Hi Andro,
Here is a patch demonstrating it. The Toggle Spline toggle the MeshInstancer Spline (as well as resetting TriggerOnce). As you’ll be able to see, MeshInstancer doesn’t show the spline. Incidentally, on occasion, I don’t get any output from MeshInstancer and have to refresh the page for it to show.

Spline instancing doesn’t work with meshinstancer at this time. I’ll inquire if this is possible with the rest of the team.
To achieve the same result you can just put the inner Radius setting to 0.95 on the instanced circles.
To clarify, repeat and repeat 2D will always work as they run on the CPU. The downside is that things get slow with large patches.