MeshInstancer bug: If project isn't saved, the renderer goes black when connecting array - FIXED


MacOS 10.15.5
Chrome 83.0.4103.116 with no extensions


I’m following this MeshInstancer tutorial:

When I connect the random number array to the MeshInstancer, the inline renderer goes black.

If I launch the renderer in a new window, it shows my random cubes, but goes black again when I make any changes to the array.

If I reload the windowed renderer, it stays black.


Save patch, reload window, and now everything works as expected.

Hi there,
please post a patch highlighting the problem.

Ah, my bad:

I discovered now that it does work if the number of instances is 7 or less.

If it’s greater than 7, the renderer goes black.

No problem on my side

Can you tell us what OS and browser you are using?

Chrome 83.0.4103.116 with no extensions

Right, can you press cmnd + shift + i to open up the dev tools.
Increase the instance count so it doesn’t work and then give us a copy of the error that’s shown.

Here’s the dev tools output:

First, I’m entering 6, then, 7, and finally 8 triggers the error.

should fixed, please try again.
i was caching mesh information were not updated properly

I’m away from my main computer for a couple of weeks, but I’ll let you know.

All good now. Cheers!