Matcap bug after last update? - SOLVED

Hi, I think Matcap has a small bug (maybe after the last update?). When using matcap with any camera (eg orbit control), small texture flaws appear. The normal map seems to be a little buggy to me too. When I use the instantiated mesh, the glitch disappear (with the exception of the normal map glitch). do you confirm that it is a bug? cables_20191022_112019

Another thing, the ibl material doesn’t work with mobile devices (tested with chrome and firefox in android devices). Got a trick to use on your phone or not supported yet? Thanks : )


can you provide an example ?

yes, ibl we have to optimize for mobile use, ill add it to my list

Sure, this patch below for example. The glitch starts when i move the camera.

thank you!

yes you are right, it happened with the last update.
i fixed it,it’s online already

Thanks Pandur! I’m afraid that another small bug remained, when I use any normal map with matcap I am still getting some glitchs (I updated the example above with normal map). Cheers