Looking for general guidance on a project I am trying to work on (time sensitive)

Hello, I am a mathematics student and I am trying to design a graphic for my cap stone project. I am trying to iteratively draw circles on specific locations on the previously generated circle. I have a rough patch built and I am trying to expand this idea out to the second ring of circles being generated and am starting to run into issues.

I would greatly appreciate if someone would be willing to work with me a couple of times to help me get this patch sorted out. I only need to generate a few layers beyond where I am at, if I can do them all correctly.

I know this is a generally vague post, but it is less about my specific project and more about needing some guidance generally. I have been browsing patches to look at structures but I am running into the issue of connecting my ops the right way to get the result I want.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Best regards,

The issue I am facing is that the main circle and the next set of petals work, but after that I am only getting 1 petal on each of the first circles. I need it to generate 10x the circles as the previous layer, generated at equal distances around the circle. So as soon as I get to layer 2, I only have 10 of the 100 circles, at layer 3, 10 of the 1000 circles, at layers 4 10 of the 10000…etc.

Please let me know if you have some ideas about how to get this working.

I have about 5 weeks left.