Load image from URL - ANSWERED


Is it possible to load an image from a url and use it as a texture? I have seen the other topic about this from 2017 but I didn’t understand the response.


yes it is possible. just put a URL into the filename field.
sadly browsers will most likely block this, because of “security reasons”

Scenario A:

  • patch is running on cables.gl or any other domain
  • patch requests images from foo.com

-> probably does NOT work / You need to configure CORS header on foo.com server to allow access from patch hosting domain

Scenario B:

-> Should be no problem

more about this:

One more thing:

Open your browsers dev tools -> console to see error messages for this kind of problem
(ctrl+shift+i or cmd+alt+i)


sadly cables can not receive the reason why the image was not loaded, so we can not display a meaningful error message :frowning:

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