LabertMaterial with Pointlight issue - SOLVED


I’m following your tut called ‘Importing Meshes into Cables’.

On the Bunny example, you use a point light to light the Lambertmaterial. My point light has no effect on the scene. I added the patch.

I think it is important that I understand how this works for future builds. Can you have a look please?

Hey harryX,

Unfortunately we changed the lighting system with one of the recent updates. The LambertMaterial has not been updated yet to use the new lighting system, but this will be done soon. I will let you know here but for now, you can use the PhongMaterial and set the specular amount to 0 to acheive the same effect.

I will post again as soon as the Lambert works with the lights.

Hope this helps for now,


Cool, thanks. I added a phong material with a phong light. It worked.

Dear harryX,

The LambertMaterial now works with the PointLight op. Enjoy!



Thanks @simod . Saw it in action.