Kinetic Type — rotate text around cylinder - SOLVED

Dear cables community,

I’m trying something probably rather simple … rotating text around a cylinder.

Can be seen for example here:

(Pardon, I’m not sure it’s possible to link to the video directly.)

The instructions should be rather simple (thank you to the person giving me these instructions):

“Map a texture of text to a cylinder. Turn on orthographic projection. Rotate.”

So, I tried this … and I’m unfortunately not sure on how to “turn” the text texture by 90 degrees, so the text runs from left to right (it’s weird to explain, you’ll see in the sketch).

I’d be very happy to get some advice and help on this. It’s freaking me out, it sounds so simple …

Thank you very much!

PS: Not-so-fun-but-fact … I had the same problem this morning when using an image as texture … I basically had to rotate the image with text on it 90 degrees counter-clockwise so the text runs from left to right (or vice versa) around the cylinder.

Hi Nein,
I just saved over your patch. Theres plenty to pull apart there for any other future experiments you might have. Just make sure to do a save as with the patch so you have a new copy and publish this one :wink:

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Hello andro,

thank you so very much for updating the sketch!

Phew, there’s lots of stuff I need to figure out and understand.

Indeed I found the Rotate Texture OP before … but wasn’t exactly sure how to use it, as I’m not yet aware on what the hell Draw Image is. I’ll try to get all of those OPs.

Thank you!

Check out our Byte size playlist on the youtube channel.
Draw image and image compose are covered there.

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we had this a few times. maybe we should make a switch for the mapping to flip… then no need for rotation

Sadly i cannot watch your Round_And_Round Patch…is there a chance that you can put it back up again? that would be great :slight_smile:

Hey frerk, I just edited the URL in the first post. All credits to andro for editing the patch.

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it´s somehow still not loading up :confused:

Changed the link once more. Works here in incognito mode and in other browsers … could you please try it again?

Hi Nein,
Did you set the patch visibility to public in the settings ?

It´s weird, because i can watch the patch when i am not logged in but as soon as i want to see it when i´m logged in with my account, it doesnt work anymore…therefore i cannot check the patch in the editor.

@andro no, it’s not public. It worked for you when it wasn’t public, just with the secret URL …

@frerk hm that’s weird. Then I’ll just publish the patch … please check:

PS: Sorry for the circumstances and … confusion. Though I’m still confused, heh.

@nein Dude i´m the one that causes confusion here :slight_smile: sorry for that - the patch now works perfectly and i also can open it in the editor!

Thank you again for putting in all the effort. <3

No worries. Enjoy playing with it.

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