Issues with the TextArea Op (behaving differently in mobile and desktop)

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Hello guys, I am working on a creative poem writing application for young kids aged 10 - 17 years old. Here is the link :
There seems to be some issues with the ‘textarea’ node (input fields)

On the laptop it works fine,
So when I click in an input field and type something it appears …I click outside and then click inside and whatever I type in gets appended to the end of what I previously wrote and if i hit backspace stuff gets deleted normally

On the mobile however the same thing is working wierdly,
so in case of the same use case for the mobile stuff gets appended before the string that is previously typed in the box …and if I try to delete then the stuff that I wrote in this instance is getting deleted but not how people would expect

(if what i said doesnt make sense try it out in your phone …type something in a box, click outside, try to type something in the box again and try to delete everything)