Issue with point cloud - SOLVED


The point cloud seems to have an issue with an outdated operator:

Also I did not find the ‘.pc’ export in Agisoft Photocan.

I’ve tried to upload a json file generated by MeshLab, but I’m missing how you send color attribute to the geometry. Is there any more documentation available for writing custom geometry operator ?
Also how could I write a custom vertex shader for a point material ?

IIRC i exported a .txt file from agisoft and then renamed it to .pc

currently the only material showing vertex colors is vertex Color Material, the only op providing vertex colors is pointCloudFile


i made a note for me and add vertex color support to pointMaterial soon
would be aweome for other (triangle filling) materials too, but i don’t have good test models for this.

an example how to access the vertex color attribute (attrVertColor) in a customshader


Strangely, I still have nothing on the screen (?)
I’m on a Windows 10, browsing with Chrome and 1070 Nvidia GPU

sorry… i heard pointcloudfile does not render on windows.

this op will be removed soon anyway because every pointcloud should use pointCloudFromArray

so pointCloudFile now outputs the point coordinates and colors, so the data can be rendered with pointCloudFromArray

sorry for the confusion, try to reload the patch

Wonderful, it’s working.
Please don’t be sorry. Thanks for all the work you and the team have done.