Is that an error? - SOLVED

I’m a beginner, and now i watch the tutorial of the arrays.

I followed all the step and connect the OPs, but every time i quite the editor and opened it again ,
the value which i saved will be lost, and then I input it again, there are no any changes in the

this is my file:

need HELP!


not too sure where you are going with these, but instead of using the Ops.Value.ValueOrAssignment you could simply use a Ops.Value.Number and then tweak these, can’t you?


ah, i get it now. the tutorials use the old Ops.Value.Value that has (basically) been replaced by Ops.Value.Number.

which op has the value that is not saved ?

please list the steps need to reproduce the problem.


thanks for your replying! I changed it to the value Ops, and the number be saved successfully!

sorry for late replying , the saving problem has been solved! thank you!!!