Is it possible to use the phones gyro to look around a scene? SOLVED

I see theres an experiemental patch called [device orientation camera], has anyone had any luck with it? has anyone managed to create a comp that works in this way?

yes it works, by default apple disables use of motion sensors in new ios versions, so you have to manually enable it in your phone settings.

You need to make sure that you go to your patch in viewer mode and then “open in a new window” to see it in action.

thanks guys, also is there a way to smooth the motion?

The motion is already smooth, are you having fps issues ?

no fps issues, just wondering if I could make it even smoother, I know it will take time to catch up, was just something i was wondering. no worries.

you can implement this op by yourself, by using motionsensor op, approachInterpolation and transformView

then you can smooth the values

Interesting, I’ll look into that, good to know.

Hello there!

I managed to use the motionsensor op to rotate my view around in the scene but is there a way to use the gyroscope from my mobile device to let the camera rotate around an object / center of the scene or to use the gyroscope to rotate an object?

Hi Frerk,

check this patch out

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Thanks @andro, I kinda got it working :slight_smile:

Has anyone had issues getting this to work in Safari or Chrome on IOS 12.4.4? I’ve enabled motion sensors in Safari settings but nothing yet.

Did you check your device settings?

Yup. Followed those instructions but no luck. Safari settings enabled. Everything restarted, cache deleted. Using Pandur’s Phone Motion Sensor patch and my own – neither show any evidence of receiving motion data. Tried on two different iphones (same safari version).