Introduce design students to cables

Hi guys at,
As said elsewhere on the forum… thank you so much for cables. It is really amazing doing this stuff in a browser and i really like the workflow. (besides a couple of navigational things). I’m a Max guy btw. I decided to introduce cables to my students and give them a little assignment with it. Mainly just playing arround with some image manipulation for starters.
I teach at Communications and multimedia Design and the workshops start this week and i expect round 30 to 40 students (1e year) to make an account this week.
I selected some of your basic tutorials to familiarize themselves with.
Keep up the good work!



thanks for your kind words and good luck with your students. we would love to hear how it went and see the results/get some feedback. have fun!


Hi Dinggoo,

Thanks for the positive feedback.
Like Stephan said we’d love to see the results when the students are done !

Hi guys,
I kicked it off today with my students. They are really exited bout it. (at least most of them).
The end assignment is to design a 2D poster on a topic that really conserns them personally. Using cables is only one step in the design proces. First they have to collect personal data via ofline means and visualize that. Then comes the cables step which we framed in realation to the concept of serendipity. So basically saying playing arround in cables with your own meaningfull data viz can lead to all sorts coincedental, intresting and abstract imagery which stems from a personal source. And… at the same time learning (in this case cables) not only as a tool but also as a way for personal and artistic expression. Really curious about the final results myself. I’ll keep you posted and urge students to give feedback on any issues.

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