Interaction on Laptops

Hey I’m just starting out with cables and I already really enjoy it!
I do have a hard time handling zooming and moving around the patch with the trackpad of my macbook. It is almost impossible to zoom in and out with pinching 2 fingers. I either end up so far away that I cannot see the patch anymore or so far inwards that I cannot see 1 whole operator.
Moving around is (as I have configured my macbook) setup as clicking with two fingers and than moving with one finger, but it would be much better if it is setup as touching with two fingers (without clicking) and moving it around. Similar as the Affinity photo and vector apps.


see user menu (your username)
check option touchpad mode
than you can scroll with 2 fingers ( at least on macbooks)

the pinch is too strong, i agree, i will have a look at this (again)…

also you can press +/- to zoom

this helps for navigation:

also press (when no ops selected) c to zoom out and center the whole patch out
and press c when ops selected to zoom and center those

Ah thanks for the tips!

:+1: It’s amazing! However, this doesn’t seem to work now. I already set it to touchpad mode and the canvas will still zoom if I swipe with two fingers to pan. The pinch to zoom function does work as expected by the way. The problem exists on both my MacBook and Mac mini with magic trackpad.