INSTANCE_ERR (webcam texture)

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I have problems with instance error for the webcam texture.

Works fine on a desktop browser on the cables website:

INSTANCE_ERR appears when opening that link on mobile (iOS)
and as well if I try to implement it with an iFrame:

Basically everything worked fine before the last cables update.
To get it running again at all, I had to remove and relink the webcam.texture node,
at least that made it work in some cases.

Any idea how I can solve this?


Thanks for the report, we’ll make an issue.

Could you also send us a pm on discord with a link to the patch?

I’m also now having problems with the webcam texture on (ios). Old comps seem to work but new ones don’t. Tested on ios 14.0.1 and 14.1

Hey Andro, I never heard back on discord. Any other way to get in touch?

on now exists a webcamtexture_v2
this works now on ios (again) and now also in the editor (did not work in firefox linux)

it also outputs an html element and original html dom element can made visible for debugging

will be on live after next release