Impossible to access ops of a collaborator

we just finished our first cables project with two collaborators. Problem is, we can’t access the ops of the collaborator which makes collaboration a bit pointless.

Additionally, when i try to duplicate (save as) the probject, it goes to hell because it can’t access the ops of my collaborator.

Another thing, related to this. Some of the public patches have custom ops in it which are not public. Hence one can not see the whole magic.

It would be cool if op sharing is looked into.

“save as” - colab ops not available:
workaround: save as, then open it, ignore the error, open patch settings and add that collab, save settings, DO NOT save the patch(!) and reload. then it should be fine

the ops are only loaded if the person is a collaborator

we have this on our list, the solution will be, that it checks for user ops when using “save as…” and get a dialog to confirm to add those users to the new project.

another thing would be to have ops for a group of people, but we don’t have a concept for this yet…

thanks for the hint. ops sharing would be nice since right now, i have to ask the collaborator for changes and can’t do it myself…

the offline version might solve this problem too. collaboration would work via git, ideally ops and subpatches are single files and can be edited independently. merging changes would be easy.

Sharing OPs with collaboraters would be great. Also being able to view the code of custom OPs in collaborations or public patches would be a nice to have. The only way of sharing op code is pasting it into a comment or the patch description.